Why get a DSLR?

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Buying a DSLR is not an easy decision to make. For one thing, it is heavy both physically and on the pocket. At times, it cost more than a regular point and shoot camera - but that is not always the case.

What we have here is the top 8 most compelling reason as to why you should get a DSLR over than a point and shoot camera. These reasons will put you in a position where you can make a wise and informed decision if that DSLR is indeed what you really want to get.

Nikon vs. Canon DSLR

Top Lenses

.Are you wedding photographer? A travel photographer? aiming to be a journal photographist? Are you into street photograpphy, portraits, landscape, architecture photography? Learn what are the top lenses that well known Pro-Photographers use on their craft.

Know the rational why they picked this superb and must have lenses.

Nikkor Lense
Photography Tips 

So, you recently pick up photography as a hobby and you are wondering pretty much about all those dials and buttons in your newly acquired DSLR. Asking yourself what is an Aperture? an ISO? Shutter speed? and even Depth of Field?

Worry not, you have come to the right place. Whether you're a complete newbie, experienced, or a pro-photographer, you will surely find something useful in our Photography Tips section.

Photography tips for beginners


Been wanting to move from crop censor (DX) camera to a full frame camera body (FX) but can't decide which one to pick?Check out our revies of the Pro DSLR cameras in the market today and make a well informed decision which one is right for your need. Here are the reviews for our Pro-DSLRs.


Photography Glossary

Never be at the lost again of those photography jargons. We know, it is difficult at times to understand them, we ourselves have been into that road.  To help out a budding photo hobbyist or aspiring pro-photogpraher like you, let us help you understand what those photography jargons really mean.

Photography glossary



"I have worked with the creators of this website and their tips and advices have proven great value for the advancement of my photography skills.

More improtantly they have saved me good amount of money by giveing me valuable advices as to which  photography products delivers what it promise - at times, over and above what it promise."

-- Jay Drake , CA USA